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Gun cleaning, mounting scopes and sighting in, bore sighting, installing slings plus drilling and tapping, is just some of what we do. 
We will also do gun transfers if you have a gun coming in from out of state, or if you need to send one out of state.

Archery Services

Bow tuning, adjusting draw weight and length, installing equipment on your bow, cutting arrows down and refletching are some of the services we offer. We also work on crossbows.

NRA Basic Pistol Course

NRA Basic Pistol Courses are offered when needed. Put your name on a list and we’ll schedule one when there are enough people interested, or you can pay a bit more and have a private course. Course price includes books, ammo and use of our handguns.  You will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

Mounting and Tanning

Skull cleaning done with beetles. Antler and European mounts. As well as turkey tail/beard/spur mounting. Tanning and dying of large or small game.  Hide can be made into lined or unlined gloves or mittens.  Rugs can be made of bear, fox, coon or coyote.

Wild Game Processing

We take great care in getting your game from harvest to table. We provide a variety of options from basic processing to sausages and smoking.