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Interior Shot of the Shop

Meet Our Family

We are a family run business that first started nearly 25 years ago in New York state. The Metzger’s consist of:

Elizabeth does both front end customer service and works behind the scenes on pretty much everything. She does the majority of the ordering. If there’s something you’d like to see us carry in our shop, let her know and she’ll look into it.
She also does the majority of the venison smoking.

Melissa does a lot of behind the scenes work. Paper and computer work, as well as stocking and pricing. She does the errand running for everyone, so others aren’t taken away from customers. She is also the resident NRA instructor and 1 of only 2 cutters in the processing plant.

Dave takes care of marketing and public relations. He also is the one who puts together all of the awesome gun packages everyone is talking about. 

Charlie is primarily behind the scenes working on guns and bows and taking care of the upkeep on the building. He is also the resident expert in most fields. He knows the answer to most questions about guns, bows, crossbows, traps, reloading etc. If you happen to have a question someone else can’t answer, we’ll find/call him and he will likely be able to answer it for you. He is the 2nd of the 2 cutters and the master skinner.

Ashley handles most of the layaways and generally does anything that is needed. She will run the register, clean, work in the processing plant, etc.

Erin and her husband Joe are currently stationed out of state with the Marines. They visit and help when they can. 

Makayla is 9 and enjoys using the register. We thank you for being patient with her as she learns aspects of business and customer service. She also helps her mother from time to time in the processing plant.

There are a total of 4 grandsons/nephews as well, that may be seen occasionally. (The youngest had not yet been born at the time the above picture was taken).

Kaye and Jon are actually Kramer’s, as they are Beth’s siblings. They live in California and will rarely be seen in WV, but they are still an important part of this family business as we all lean on each other for support and advice when needed. Beth’s other brother Earnie (not pictured), lives in England and helped us get this website set up. 

Just goes to show how much of a family business this really is.